UNDARK FEST 2018 is happening! We are extremely pleased to announce that the UNDARK festival of contemporary light art UNDARK will light up the streets of Ekaterinburg city again this year, traditionally prolonging the shortest day of the year.


From 22 to 23 December, 18-22 o’clock, numerous venues of the city will become hosts for light installations and video-performances by remarkable contemporary artists, local as well as international – this year is set to feature artists from Germany, Tunis, Poland and Italy. Amongst many others to interpret the urban context and set a new rhythm to public spaces, we present works by Anna-Rosa Rupp, Max Sudhues, Brian McKenna, Aziz Aissolou, Sergei Laushkin, Elena Vertikova, “ZLYE” art group, “Endless Attractions Museum” art-duet, Alexander Agafonov, Irina and Stat Shminke and many others.


The focus is on digital technologies in art: innovative artistic methods using light as the principle medium will transform the mundane conventionality of city environment, pave new routes upon the map of Ekaterinburg and rethink the concepts of an urbanistic society and its’ relationship with art. The exhibiting venues will be located prevailingly in the centre of the city within easy pedestrian reach, outdoors as well as indoors – providing a shelter from the severe Ural winter, an opportunity to warm up, have a drink and exchange opinions and impressions.


In addition to the festival itself, on 14-16 December we are holding a practical-scientific conference titled “Digital art within urban space”, which will prove relevant for experts and enthusiasts alike working in spheres of art, culture, urbanism, architecture and sociology. The conference will take place at the Pervouralsk Information and Cultural Center, and draw a conclusion at the portfolio review event hosted by the Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art – the discussion will center around unrealized projects and ideas of local artists within the area of light art. Bettina Pelz, a renowned curator of numerous European light art festivals and professor of the Bremen University of Arts, will act as the moderator.



UNDARK festival will incorporate projects of over 20 contemporary artists from around the globe. Geographical backgrounds are numerous – from Ekaterimburg and the Urals to Germany, Tunis, Poland and Italy.

Irina and Stas Shminke


Art-duo “Endless Attractions Museum”


Natalya Mashyanova


Ludmila Kalinichenko


Art-group “ZLYE”


Alexander Gagarin

Alexey Schigalev


Alexander Agafonov


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Kristina Gorlanova


About us

UNDARK festival is the brainchild of the Cultural Transit Foundation, a non-profit cultural organization of Yekaterinburg with a mission to bring contemporary art to the life of Yekaterinburg, transforming urban spaces through local and international art projects. This year, along with the Foundation, which has been the ideological mastermind behind the festival for 7 years, Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Arts and and EKC are acting as co-organizes.


Most importantly, thanks to a recently awarded presidential grant and partnership with MTS, the UNDARK team were able to design a truly large-scale event. Recently, the Cultural Transit team, headed by President Yevgenia Nikitina, curator, founder and main ideologist of the festival, confirmed it will take place on the penultimate weekend of the year. 

What we do

carry out cultural exchange amongst young social groups, including: volunteer trips, exchange tours and exhibitions of both professional and amateur groups and artists;

organize joint projects aimed at solving common or identical problems of the territories trough the means of culture and art;

organize workshops, master-classes, short-term and long-term internships for artists, gallery owners, and other representatives of creative professions and interests;


study the experience of non-commercial practices of cultural organizations, including active engagement and work experience with people with disabilities.

Why we do it

to involve as many people as possible in the active consumption of culture and art;

to make the territory of Yekaterinburg even more attractive to citizens.

Our partners

Foundation of Presidential Grants 


Ekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Arts

MTS (Mobile TeleSystems)


General Consulate of Germany in Ekaterinburg

Our team

Evgeniya Nikitina – president of Foundation, curator of the festival

Sofia Sol – executive director


Please direct any questions concerning cooperation or information/media partnership to: cult.transit@gmail.com